Hello, world!

I decided to create a blog about my own projects and explorations into technology and engineering. It will be a great way to remind myself about events that were making headlines when I was an engineering student, looking back after many years.
I hope to keep the blog posts crisp and to the point. I will occasionally provide links to external resources which I find interesting, so as to keep the post short. This being the first post, I think it should define what the rest of the blog will be centered about. I will discuss AI, CV, ML, online courses, and general technical topics I find exciting. To keep things interesting, I intend to refer to relevant web comics and memes.
In the spirit of keeping this short and easy to read, I will end with this web comic from XKCD. I really do like Python. It seems like every useful real world application has a wrapper for Python.
Taken from https://xkcd.com/353/

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